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When I stop and look back to a year ago today I remember being excited and nervous and my brain full of the tiniest details preparing for the CUFR 2017. At that time I wasnít sure what the next year would actually hold for me. When my name was called as the next Miss Teen UPRA I was too excited to even begin to see the big pic of 365 days full of traveling and rodeos! I made a plan before I even entered the contest- if I won I would travel to all the states represented at the CUFR and at least one rodeo for each stock contractor of the finals. Little did I know how it would impact my year!! My sister Maggie and I became the 1st sisters to win the Miss Teen UPRA title and I am honored to have followed in such great foot steps as the girls before me.

Itís hard to believe Iím writing my final words and that the year is gone. The people Iíve met along the way and the open doors for the next Miss Teen UPRA and all the girls to follow are more memories than I can possibly fit into this letter. I do have a few special thanks to give! Starting way back in the beginning- Humble Rodeo, Adam Foster, David Ainesworth, Mr Doug Butcher and all the crew thanks for taking such great care of The Hangry Redheads for a week, you set the bar high for us to go through the year. Midland TX the hospitality shown this week from a new up and coming committee was amazing!! Deer Trail Colorado, Hailey Fredricksen and family, I felt like part of the Colorado queen family. The queens up there sure know how to rodeo. I could go on and on about each rodeo and weekend but since I traveled over 16000 miles in 6 states in 365 days I would be writing for awhile.

One of my most exciting weekends was at the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction Presenting awards to legendary cowboys and cowgirls that have made such an impact on the sport of rodeo and its heritage. What an honor to be a part of their day!! We lost a great man this year who was inducted a few years ago. He never failed to tell me how proud he was of me and my sisters and how he loved to see the queens carry the flags. I was so honored to represent his company and family at the finals last year. Mr Jerald Smith we miss you and Iíll never forget the kindness you have shown me throughout my life.

Thank you Linda for a wonderful year. Keeping the redheads straight and headed in the right direction each weekend. Hollice thanks for being a good grandpa to us girls!! Mr Jerry and Ms Becky thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes. It never goes unnoticed. Mom and Ganny for being my drivers and keeping my schedule full and my outfits classy! Thanks Lorin Henderson and my sister Maggie for getting me to those places mom couldnít go to. To my rodeo families JJ Hampton, Kaitlyn Prentice, Jesse Berry, and the Coffmanís thank you for being a part of my year and putting up with my interviews! Bobbi ďBigRedĒ, Gina and John I will miss yíall most of all!! Bobbi you are such an amazing role model and I look up to you so much! The laughs that we have had this year from late night IHOP runs of delirium to the late night dance offs I canít think of a better partner to go down the road with. To the stock contractors thank you for getting us on great horses all year I rode 30 different horses this year! To all the announcers, rodeo clowns and pickup men that made our jobs easy thank you for your support all year!!

Iím sad to see my year end but this is not goodbye I have big plans to return in a couple of years and try for the Miss UPRA title. Until then God bless everyone and see you all down the ride!!

Love Miss Teen UPRA 2018

Dixie Tabb

Little red!!