The United Professional Rodeo Association is a combination of several long standing successful regional associations with great rodeo history across the southern United States. In 1995, the Texas Professional Rodeo Association and Central Rodeo Association merged their assets to form the United Professional Rodeo Association; in 2014 the Texas Cowboys Rodeo Associated joined the United Professional Rodeo Association. The TPRA was created in 1961, the CRA was created in 1956 and the TCRA was created in 1983, the combination of associations brings 107 years of rodeo history to the United Professional Rodeo Association. We continue this journey as Past, Present and Future Cowboys and Cowgirls working to preserve the sport of rodeo.

UPRA          TCRA          CRA          TPRA

UPRA - United Professional Rodeo Association 1996

TCRA - Texas Cowboys Rodeo Association  1983

CRA - Central Rodeo Association  1956

TPRA / TRA - Texas Professional Rodeo Association 1961

Texas Rodeo Association